Shiadu Hotels and Guesthouses


Our story

Shiadu began as a family project when we welcomed you for the first time in 2009 in our very first Bed and Breakfast, Casa do Bairro. Then it became a friends’ adventure, opening new charming properties, one at a time, whenever we found unique and soulful treasures in which we could add our personal vintage touch. Our family now counts more than a hundred Shiadu team members, working in 11 hotels and guesthouses in Lisbon, Oporto and Seville.

What drives us is making people happier. We put all our heart and soul into providing guest with memorable stays, making our team members feel good, making everyone feel at home, running all our properties with love.

What brings us together is our passion for hospitality, true hospitality: human contact, impeccable service quality, authentic properties rooted in their cities and their countries. It is also really important for us to work towards a more sustainable hospitality, building a local network, being more respectful of the environment, helping the most vulnerable people around us. Doing our part, and going beyond.

Spelled in our name

Spelled in our name


At SHIADU, we want to contribute to building a more sustainable future, a happier one, with better people. Sustainability is the very essence of the company, it is part of our lives, and is present in our daily actions in all of our properties (reducing energy consumption, waste management, etc.) To go even further, and because quality and local sourcing are very important to us, we decided to take over a farm in Alentejo – “Chamboa” – to supply our hotels in Lisbon. There, we produce fruits & vegetables, olive oil and eggs, teas and aromatic herbs most of which are organic. It is very important for us to communicate and transmit our vision and values to people around us, to our guests, partners and team members.


Our team members are the soul of SHIADU. We are passionate about hospitality, and we thrive when our guests are happy. We want to make sure that everyone who walks through our door feels welcome and special.

That’s why we always make sure our SHIADU ambassadors feel at home in our properties. It is important for us that they feel comfortable and confident in their work, and that they go above and beyond for guests, as if they were welcoming them into their own home.

They will always take care of you, pampering you with a smile, a little attention, or useful tips about their city.


Inclusivity is a pillar of our group. It is essential for us to make sure that every person that crosses our path, whether they are a guest or employee, feels good about themselves.

We believe that it is the uniqueness of each individual that gives them their greatest strength. We all have our past, our believes, our own ways of thinking and seeing the world. Sharing about our differences enriches us.

In SHIADU, everyone is welcome just the way they are.


It is important for us that every new property we open is truly rooted in its city and its neighbourhood, embracing its codes and traditions and respecting the history of the building. We don’t select our properties randomly, we choose the ones with the most character and charm (former convent, former perfume factory…). Each SHIADU property is singular, and no two rooms are alike. We also like to decorate our properties with local crafts, highlighting the local tradition and know-how.


SHIADU is not a business, it is a group of people who believe that true human values are a necessity in our world. Solidarity is in our DNA, aiming at building a fairer society and a more sustainable development. That is why every year we participate in social projects. We have partnerships with various associations that aim to reduce social inequalities and help people in fragile situation (LGBTQI+ community expelled from their homes, refugees, students or young workers, …)


Just like our people, each SHIADU property is unique.

Passionate about art and hunting antiques pieces, we put our soul into carefully decorating each property, which are like no other. They will appeal to original minds and detail lovers.

Unpretentious and far from a stuffy atmosphere, every common area and room have been though out for you to feel comfortable and at home.


We are 4 passionate about customer service, travel, we love to work as a team and we always wanted to create an environment in the company where everyone feels good to transmit this joy to our guests. More than anything, we are 4 friends who value family, sustainability and mutual help, and that’s what we want to show in your stays with us so that they become true human experiences.

In 2019, on the opening day of Jardim da Batalha in Porto