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Environmental commitments

Environmental Commitment - Shiadu Hotels


Since 2019, we’ve already planted more than 3000 trees in the Portuguese region Alentejo! And it’s just the beginning! At Shiadu, taking good care of the environment is as important as taking care of our guests. Sustainability is one of the pillars of the Shiadu concept, and makes up the essence of the company as one of its values. It is part of our daily lives, and is present in our daily actions, from cleaning to the collection of food waste.

ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

During the year 202’ we will implement this environmental standard. This certification assesses performance at an environmental level and provides recognition for Shiadu as a company that meets high environmental performance requirements, reduces the environmental impacts of its activities and the costs associated with energy and resource consumption.


We take care of your food through quality local products, often organic and produced by us in our own farm in Alentejo. We also always seek to minimize the consumption of resources and work with their sustainable management, meeting sustainability criteria. We use flow reducers in faucets and showers to reduce water use and heat pumps to heat domestic water, turn off lights and air conditioning when there is no need, and reduce our carbon footprint with the use of LED lamps. We also reuse paper as a draft for internal documents and follow a program for changing towels and sheets.

Cleaning and waste

By opting to manage our communication with our guests by electronic means, we are saving resources and preventing waste generation. We do the sorting and separation of waste for recycling through licensed partnerships, as well as channeling the used cooking oil for biodiesel production.

Healthy food

We encourage healthy, quality food and give preference to locally produced or homemade products. In all our units we try when it is possible to have organic food in our breakfasts, most of them coming from our own production in an organic farm in Alentejo.

We produce our organic olive oil

Best olive oil in the world

In all our hotels and guesthouses, you can now taste the made with Galician olives from our Alentejo production, in traditional culture, NOT intensive in trees over 40 years old, picked by hand! We don’t use chemicals so it doesn’t kill the earth, the insects are still alive, they help to pollinate and feed the birds and we’re all happier and healthier!

Happy chickens and organic eggs

Within the scope of Shiadu’s Sustainability, all the eggs we serve at breakfast in Lisbon and with which we prepare all our cakes and other delicacies are organic and come from Herdade da Chamboa, Shiadu’s farm in Arraiolos, in the Alentejo region, only 1h from Lisbon. The chickens live happy outside and at night they sleep in mobile chicken coops that we move weekly around the orchard to help fertilize the soil.

We seek to work with our resources in an innovative, efficient and creative way, in order to care for the environment and offer our guests a sense of well-being.

Many of the products we serve come from our organic farm in Alentejo.